Terms of processing of personal data

These conditions for the processing of personal data are fulfilling the obligation to provide information in relation to the persons concerned within the meaning of Article 13 of Regulation (EC) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46 / EC General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter „GDPR“).

This document details the processing of your personal information, so pay close attention to them.

1. Basic information

1.1 The information system operators are: TAXMA s.r.o., Michal Verešík 10, 94907 Nitra Company ID: 47490781

Single point of contact:

TAXMA s.r.o. has established a single point of contact where the person concerned may at any time address his / her questions and requests or the realization of certain rights under the GDPR.

Contact person: Marek Sachs

Correspondent address: Fraňa Mojtu 18, 94901 Nitra

Telephone contact: 0905 563 228

e-mail: marek.sachs@allforfan.com

2. Purpose of the processing of personal data and legal basis

2.1 If the Interested Individual is a natural person („the person concerned“), TAXMA s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the „Operator“) will process personal data when performing the contract.

By actively confirming your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions (by clicking the appropriate box) and then submitting a sign-up or otherwise marked request to deliver or make available a particular service: a. you freely grant to the Operator consent to the processing of your personal data for the purposes stated in the General Terms and Conditions in accordance with the Regulation and the law, b. you acknowledge that the personal data you fill in are correct and up-to-date, c .at the same time, you acknowledge that if you are under the age of 16, you have been granted or authorized to be the legal representative (eg parent) to process your personal data.

2.2 The operator shall process the personal data of the data subject for the purposes of:

a. sending of order (e-shop: www.allforfan.com) – name, surname, address, telephone contact, e-mail contact pursuant to Art. 6 ods. (1) b) GDPR b. the fulfillment of the legal obligation laid down by a generally binding legal regulation, 6 ods. (1) © GDPR (eg obligation to keep accounting and tax documents); c. proving, applying or defending legal claims under Art. 6 ods. (1) f) GDPR; d. sending business announcements, implementing marketing and advertising activities, informing about events, news and discounts (LP marketing) 6 ods. (1) (b) GDPR, if the person concerned has given its consent to the processing of its personal data in the scope of an email address for that purpose;

2.3 The person concerned provides personal data voluntarily for the purpose of concluding the Purchase Agreement, fulfilling the obligations of the parties resulting from the Purchase Agreement and further communicating with the operator and the respective transporter of the goods.

List of data processed by the person concerned:

e-shop www.allforfan.com: Name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail allforfan marketing: e-mail

Circle of persons concerned

2.4 The persons concerned are, in particular, natural persons who wish to conclude and / or conclude a Purchase Agreement with TAXMA s.r.o. via https://www.allfofan.com

Personal data source

2.5 Personal data are collected by TAXMA s.r.o. directly from the person concerned or his representative. These personal data are provided by the person concerned by completing the forms at www.allforfan.com or can be derived from other data that the person concerned has.

Storage period

2.6 The Operator is entitled to process and store the Personal Data of the Entity during the term of validity and effectiveness of the Contract as well as after termination of the contractual relationship, if necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing, in particular for the purposes of invoicing, acceptance and recording of payments, handling complaints and complaints of the Applicant as well as exercising rights or fulfilling legal obligations.

2.7 Personal data will be processed only for the time necessary for the purpose of processing. The personal data processed are kept to the extent necessary and in a form that allows you to identify yourself at the latest while it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they are processed. Subsequently, the Operator will, without undue delay, liquidate (erase or anonymize) your personal data in accordance with the Regulation and the law.

2.8 Personal data will be processed only for the time necessary for the purpose of processing. In view of the above:

e-shop www.allforfan.com: for this purpose, personal data will be processed into the termination of obligations under the relevant contract concluded with the person concerned. This is without prejudice to the possibility for the operator to further process these personal data (to the extent necessary) for the purpose under Art. 2.2. b), c), d);

For the purpose of Art. 2.2. (b) of these conditions, personal data will be processed for the duration of the relevant legal duty of the operator;

allforfan marketing: for the purpose of sending business announcements for marketing purposes under art. 2.2. d) these conditions will be personal data processed until the time of withdrawal of this consent to the Interested parties.

2.9. 395/2002 Coll. on archives and registers and on the amendment of some laws as amended, the operator is obliged, despite the termination of the contractual relationship, to archive the contracts for 10 years (after expiration of validity) and invoices for 10 years.

Instruction on the obligation / willingness to provide the required personal data

2.10 The provision of personal data by the person concerned for the purpose of furnishing and dispatching the order is a contractual requirement. The person concerned has no obligation to provide personal data, but the data required by the operator to conclude and perform the contract.

2.11 The provision of personal data for marketing purposes is voluntary and the person concerned has a specific consent. The person concerned has the right to withdraw this consent at any time. Beneficiaries and categories of recipients of personal data

2.12 The personal data of the person concerned are not made available to third parties, except when this obligation is imposed by a special law.

2.13 The personal data of the person concerned are provided: a. court, other public authorities and other state authorities if this is necessary to enforce the rights of the Operator against the Entity or to fulfill the legal duty of the Operator, b. to third parties who will act on behalf of the operator on its behalf in the provision of services or in the performance of other activities related to the provision of services for the provision of services and in connection with their provision, c. third parties who will perform a Quality and Satisfaction Assessment (Quality Assessment Services and Customer Satisfaction) on the basis of the operator's mandate; d. third parties who will conduct a marketing survey, conduct marketing activities and contact Affiliates on behalf of Logica Packaging EU s.r.o. for this purpose (marketing agencies and external agencies providing call center services); e. external companies that manage the systems of the operator or provide other services ensuring the proper functioning of the company.

2.14 An intermediary is authorized to process personal data only to the extent and under the conditions negotiated with the operator in a separate written agreement.

Form of publication

2.15 Personal data will not be published

Transmission of personal data to third countries

2.16 Personal data collected and processed by the operator are not the subject of a transfer to a third country / outside the EU.

3. A lesson on the rights of the person concerned

3.1 Proper and legitimate processing of the personal data of the persons concerned is important for the operator and the protection of personal data is an important priority. When processing personal data, the person concerned may claim the following rights with the operator: a. the right to information on the processing of personal data relating to the person concerned, b. the right of access to personal data relating to the person concerned, c. the right to rectify personal data relating to the person concerned, d. the right to delete personal data relating to the person concerned, e. the right to limit the processing of personal data, f. the right to object to the processing of personal data relating to the person concerned, g. the right to transfer personal data relating to the person concerned, h. the right to appeal at any time.

How to Apply Rights Relating to the Protection of Personal Data

3.2 You may apply your rights or ask questions concerning the processing of your personal data at the request sent directly to the Operator or to the responsible person established by the Operator by using the addresses mentioned in 1.1. these conditions.

3.3 By granting consent to the processing of personal data within the meaning of these Terms, you acknowledge that if your application under 3.1. The condition is manifestly unfounded or inappropriate, in particular for its recurrent nature, the Operator may, taking into account the content of the application:

a. require a reasonable fee to take account of the administrative costs of providing information or an appropriate fee, taking into account the administrative costs of communication or a reasonable fee, taking into account the administrative costs of implementing the requested measure;

b. refuse to act on a request.

3.4 At the same time, note that prior to the provision of the application under point 3.2. The Terms and Conditions must firstly reliably verify your identity to ensure that your rights are not misused. For this reason, the Operator may request additional information or documents needed to verify the identity of the person (s) in question if he has reasonable doubts about the identity of the applicant. If, by the procedure under the previous sentence, the Operator will not be able to prove the identity of the person (identity) yourself, he will inform the applicant accordingly if possible and refuse to act on request.

4. If the request of the person concerned is not met, where can he be complained about?

4.1 If the requesting or opposing party does not comply with the request, the person concerned has the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection, Hraničná 12, 820 07, Bratislava 27, Slovak Republic, as the supervisory authority. The person concerned may also contact the data protection authority directly with his or her own initiative.

5. Final provisions

5.1 Terms used in these terms, which are not defined herein, have the same meaning and content as the same terms used in the General Terms.

5.2 The Agreement includes the General Terms and Conditions, including the Terms of Personal Data Processing, unless otherwise agreed.

5.3 These terms and conditions of processing of personal data apply to buyers who are natural persons.

5.4 The Operator is entitled to amend and modify these Terms of Use in the same manner as the General Business Terms. These conditions are published on the website

5.5 By signing the contract, the person concerned acknowledges that he has become aware of the processing of personal data provided for in this Article and that the provider has fulfilled the information obligation under the GDPR.


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